Cash Advances Versus Cash Loans

If your business is in dire need of a cash injection, then chances are you've been down the road of applying for bank loans. Business bank loans is a great financial vehicle for business owners, but the real problem is one that we've all struggled with at some point. Applying for bank loans is a pain in the butt. Apart from laying your entire life on the table for their scrutiny, you can still be denied after going through all that for weeks on end. While approaching private investors is an option, the reality is that when you need cash, you usually need it a.s.a.p.

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This is where business cash loans come in. Although its gotten a bit of a bad wrap in recent years, it remains an option. One of the reasons why its got a bad reputation is because of the lenders often being borderline legal. So many loan racket were preying on desperate business owners and although you can get cash quickly, the interest rates were sky high and the consequences of not repaying it was often met with the flip side of the law. Fortunately most of these businesses got shut down and today all forms of money lending is heavily regulated. Its much safer these days and although you can get cash quickly, the risk is still the high interest and this is "expensive" money. If you can's see a quick return on this loan you are better off not getting it.

Business cash advances are a slightly different approach to getting financing for your business. Its far safer, carries a lot less risk and is probably a little bit cheaper. It works really well for any business that is showing good growth and if you need cash to improve your cash flow then this can be the right option for you. With a cash advance you basically sell a percentage of your future credit card sales. the lender will advance you a cash amount and the term of the agreement will determine a percentage of your future credit card sales that will automatically be deducted and paid to the lender. You will need a solid history of credit card transactions in your business and you will need to show stability on your business before you can qualify, but in the end it is a safe, quick and pain free way of getting a cash injection into your business.

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